by Oxe

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100% DIY recording. The songs were written, recorded, mixed and mastered over the course of a year. A lot of late nights and missed meals.


released May 9, 2013

Thanks to Johan Olsson and Viktor Ehnmark for helping out with recording, and to Carl Stenmark who has helped with design, artwork, concept, other ideas and great input and feedback.



all rights reserved


Oxe Gothenburg, Sweden

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Track Name: Ride Out
Ride out
the sun
the plains

Ride out
the sun
the day

When wolves surround us
we stand our ground
Run to the forest
and I won't be found

and I live for another day

Move on
wind in
my fur
Stay with
the herd

Ride out
the moon
the night
Track Name: Bovine Blues
Out on the plains
where my family roams
wind in our manes
it's what we call home
The sun in my eyes
and grass on my hooves

I run to the river
but slow in my speed
give off a shiver
my eyes on the deep
fear of failure
fear of regret

I long to be free
proving my might
develop my passion
my passion to fight
but here I still stand
on the watery banks

I'd rather just run
ignoring my task
nothing gets done
in guilt I do bask
I make it all
so damn hard
for myself

I wanna fight

But no more wasting time
I gotta take the leap
I can't stay here forever
but oh god is it steep

I pushed my body over the edge
no longer will I potter
Felt my hooves leaving the ledge
head first into the water

So I start swimming
I will reach the other side
Where I'll reach my prize

Yeah I'm gonna be free
I can feel it in the wind
This current can't stop me
I'm going for the win

So I keep swimming
'til I reach the other side
Where I'll reach my prize

I'm gonna fight
Fight 'til I die
Track Name: Leaving Home
Sun rises above
Time to leave what I love

Don't go alone
Don't leave your home
Don't go alone
Don't leave your home

The time has come for me to go
As seasons have passed you've seen me grow
from that child so pure at heart
who's now a man looking for a new start

But do not fret and have no woe
I'm not the first of your children to go
Side by side as we always roam
and that is why I am leaving home

For you know, you've been there as well
It's not much of a life living it all in a shell
I have a lot to thank you for
but I've got myself and a world to explore

So as I said, I leave you now
and I know we'll meet somehow
So in the future listen to the breeze
For it will tell of Ox and his family

The moon lights my way
Hear my mother say-

Don't go alone
Don't leave your home
Don't go alone
Don't leave your home

The sun brings a new day
Track Name: Moon Kingdom
Night sky
bon fire
Looking at the stars

Cool breeze
in the trees
The night is ours

I'm on a roll
I wanna go
I can't stick around

Passing time
It's such a climb
I'm so tightly wound

I can't just stick around
Gotta feel my hooves back on the ground

Because, I wanna ride out tonight
I wanna ride out tonight

I feel good
I feel free
I am what I want to be

I've got you
you've got me
and nothing's ever coming in between

We got what we always wanted
Together we are all we need

I'm gonna ride out tonight
I'm gonna ride out tonight
I just wanna feel alright
I just wanna feel alright

Moon Kingdom!